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24 Jul

The most popular error code in Windows 10, 8, and 7 is 0xc00000e9. You will see a blank screen when you attempt to reboot your system or operating system. Which doesn't even let you move into the scheme. Some hardware mistake is not relevant or consistent with the BIOS settings of your device because of the 0xc00000e9 error code.

Now the issue here is that there is no answer to this error code. So don't panic out of this code of mistake. Because we're going to direct you in five minutes with the best alternative to fix Windows Error Code 0xc00000e9.

Reasons Behind the Error 0xc0000e9 in Windows

A malicious piece of software has infected the PC, which may corrupt your registry files or information linked to the Start phase of the system. One of the most popular reasons for the 0xc00000e9 error code is:

  • Viruses.
  • Damaged registry files.
  • Damaged hard drive or its controller.
  • The integrity of the system files is corrupted.
  • There is no contact between the hard drive and the motherboard.
  • Errors in the downloaded Windows build (it is better to use the original Windows images).
  • Incorrect disconnection/connection of a removable storage device (USB drive, external hard drive).
  • There is a problem with the device from which is installing Windows (for example, a USB flash drive).

Let's Start to Fix 0xc00000e9 Error 

This error code generally happens because the computer is unable to interact with the hard drive. Another cause when installing Windows is the SSD (Solid-state drive) problem.

As enter in the BIOS Setup Utility screen, go to Boot options.

Make sure that the first boot device is the hard drive in the boot choices. To highlight the hard drive, press the arrow key and push it to the top of the list of boot devices.

Save changes, and reboot the computer. This should fix the problem.

If you still have any issues please contact Microsoft Helpdesk

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